Formed in 2013, Rockfort Engineering Ltd provides systems and software design, project management and safety engineering services.  

We have extensive experience in automotive and motorsport engineering and a proven track record of success in large and small projects covering conventional and electric-drive vehicle and chassis systems.  

Efficient engineering techniques are used along with a whole picture approach to ensure that your requirements are met using the appropriate blend of safety, engineering rigour, efficiency and quality.  

All this is delivered in a pragmatic plain-english manner.  Please click on the links below to find out more.


World leading EV/HEV design and development capabilities for road, prototype and motorsport applications.

High performance engineering solutions delivered to aggressive timescales but without compromising safety and reliability.

V Cycle Diagram

Effective and appropriate project management for your project to ensure a quick, cost effective and properly engineered project.

Helping your project meet industry safety standards (including ISO26262) or comply with motorsport regulations.

Engine Managment Diagram

Design services ranging from system architecture to detailed design delivering entire projects or sub-components of work for your bigger project.

Delivering R&D projects with technical depth and awareness of the full picture.