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Electric Vehicles

Powertrain Design and Development

Design of electric propulsion systems for low to high power applications in a variety of transportation types.

Integration of all required ancillaries, electronics and control.

Example of an electric powertrain
Prototype vehicle on the track

Vehicle Efficiency Optimisation

Optimisation of systems and control at the vehicle level to achieve the maximum range, safety or performance.

Battery Systems

Design and build of battery systems for last-mile vehicles through to high performance sports or race cars.

Modular designs allowing flexible configuration with integrated management, control and safety systems.

Battery products
High voltage PDM unit

High Voltage Control and Distribution

Modular control and safety systems for electric powertrain high voltage management.

Integrated HV control, safety monitoring and protection mechanisms to meet the toughest of regulations.

Ancillary Systems

Design, development and integration of all ancillary systems.

Includes: Brake-by-wire, cooling systems and DCDC converters.

Example of an ancillary system
Track operations

Vehicle Test and Development

Devise road and track based vehicle verification and validation programs.

Source track facilities and arrange logistics.

Provide trackside engineering support or execute test programs on customer’s behalf