• Rockfort Engineering’s thorough development program on the 2014 Marussia F1 car brake-by-wire system gave us a high performing yet crucially 100% reliable system as well as all the safety documentation required to achieve FIA approval at the first attempt.

    John McQuilliam, Chief Designer, Marussia F1 Team

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Engine Managment Diagram

Rockfort Engineering can undertake full systems design through to low level detailed design including electronics, wiring and software. Projects are discussed in detail with the customer prior to commencement in order to ensure the appropriate level of rigour, documentation and time is spent to meet the project objectives.

Key areas of design that we can undertake include:

  • System simulation for performance target and high level specification determination.
  • Full system architecture.
  • Detailed documentation for each area for internal or third party supplier delivery.
  • Sub component or communication system simulation and design.
  • Wiring loom and system layout.
  • Cooling systems.
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic actuation systems.
  • Mechanical and packaging design.
  • High voltage, distribution and safety systems.
  • EV traction batteries or ultra capacitor systems.
  • Control algorithm design and software development.