• Rockfort Engineering’s thorough development program on the 2014 Marussia F1 car brake-by-wire system gave us a high performing yet crucially 100% reliable system as well as all the safety documentation required to achieve FIA approval at the first attempt.

    John McQuilliam, Chief Designer, Marussia F1 Team

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Hybrid & Electric Vehicles


Rockfort Engineering founder, Angus Lyon, has successfully delivered a number of road, commercial and motorsport projects over a 20 year period including the complete drivetrain for the B12/69EV world land speed record holding car for Drayson Racing Technologies

Mercedes Estate 2x4 HybridProjects have included the following architectures:

  • 4WD pure EV high performance passenger vehicle.
  • 2WD parallel HEV passenger and commercial vehicle.
  • 2WD high performance motorsport applications.
  • F1 2008 and 2014 HEV systems.
  • Retrofit KERS systems.

We can deliver or assist your engineering team with delivery of the following:

  • EV and HEV vehicles.
  • Series and parallel hybrid drivetrains.
  • High voltage traction battery, BMS and HV distribution
  • Motor and inverter development 
  • Internal combustion and conventional transmission integration
  • Cooling systems and control
  • Control software design and implementation
  • Torque vectoring, regenerative braking, stability and efficiency optimisation.

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